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Custom application development for any Web or mobile platform is a complex process. Certain terms may have a different meaning that what is obvious. As developers, we recognize that our clients don't always understand something the same way and it's important that we help everyone understand so we can deliver what is expected.

In our last blog, I went over the importance of making goals with your web projects. However, before you can start making goals, you have to know exactly what type of project you’re going to be creating. With so many options available today, you have a choice to make: you can either go Wordpress or you can custom-build your project. But which is better? Well, that depends on a few different factors. Below are just a few things to consider when thinking about going WordPress or custom-build.

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Making the decision to start a web project can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to know: audience, SEO, and catchy domain names are just a few. And unless you’re a web developer, it’s hard to sift through all the advice and add-ons to figure out exactly what you need. In this blog, we’re going to outline the four goals you need to set before you start your web project.

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In this installment, I’m going to talk about something that comes up on many projects: the pivot. Every project starts out with one idea that is believed to be set in stone, but what inevitably happens is a customer starts asking for something no one ever conceived (or that was downplayed for one reason or another). For Compliance Clinic, that was data storage.

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By far the most common oversight by clients (and often by inexperienced developers) is the long-term solution. We start projects so they can be finished, so that means that the project has to “live” somewhere for the foreseeable future, right? Most clients gloss over this need assuming the developer will take care of it. Other times, they wait until the day before the launch to find out the Developer didn’t plan. In the worst cases, the client has no idea where their digital product lives and the developer goes AWOL. It’s important to be a part of this planning from the beginning.

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Up until now in this series, we’ve primarily talked about what goes into building the application. There’s more to building a new online service than creating the functional pieces of the platform. As with everything, you must market it. In the beginning, this doesn't have to be perfect or fancy - it just needs to provide information consistent with the product itself.

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